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Getting to Know Jones Exteriors

Jones Exteriors provides new gutter installation and gutter repairs through our gutter division. We also provide roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure washing services.

We believe hard work is nothing to be afraid of. We strive to save homeowners from going on roofs and cleaning gutters, unless they are trained to do so. We are a company that believes in value over price. We are a company that believes that we should treat every home we service as if it were our own.

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Our services

We are your first choice when it comes to:
Gutter Installation

Our team can Install quality seamless aluminum gutters and down pipes with a variety of colors available. Access and corners limit our length of fabrication. Colonial crown mould and 5k profiles available. Funnel outlets, debris traps and aluminum gutter guards are also available to help reduce outlet retention and debris from entering the perimeter drains. Measured in linear ft, we apply all length, and parts required to supply you a competitive priced estimate.

Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

Our service team can help keep you off your roof with annual or semi annual gutter cleaning and roof blow off services. Roof dirt, tree pollen and debris can cause blockages at your outlets. Keeping your gutters and roof free of debris allows your gutters to properly lead water off your roof to your drains reducing chances of overflow. We can seal endcaps, corners, and or adjust gutters if age and or current condition allows it. Roof edge water diverters can also be added to keep water from dripping off roof tips. We will inform the consumer of any potential issues during our visit keeping you informed.

Gable & Fascia Installation

We can replace rotted or deteriorated wood on your residence. Complete applications or only what is necessary. Wood behind your gutter and roof peaks can be prematurely aged from short roof shingle, non diverted water from the roof edge, and the elements of mother nature. This can allow water to penetrate into the wood over time and cause paint to peel, mildew to form in the wood, cause cracking and ultimately wood rot. Colored aluminum coverings can also be supplied and installed over the new wood to help reduce painting and keeps cleaning a sinch.

Moss Removals

Removing moss from your roof helps reduce water retention in highly concentrated areas & debris from standing on your roof which could cause additional growth, staining, shingle deterioration, and possible leaks under the shingles and flashings. We can clean asphalt shingle, concrete tile, and or clay when applicable. Light pressure wash or rinse on concrete and tile can be recommended for long lasting results. Our plant & pet friendly inhibitor can be applied on moss/mildew and lichens to help reduce the growth and spread of these particles to other parts of the roof but is best applied once moss and debris is removed. North facing, heavily treed, and or shaded areas can have varying results.


We install quality aluminum or vinyl soffit to cover aggregate, stucco, and or unpaintable wood. Removal of the previous application is available but not always necessary. A variety of colors are available.

Gutters Victoria BC

Let’s face it Victoria, it rains a lot in this city, and you need to make sure your home has proper functioning seamless gutters and downspouts in place. An affordable reliable system is a key element in not only the design but the function of a home’s exterior building envelope. Eavestroughs capture the water and carry it away from your walls preventing leaks on the interior of the home.

The very first question you must ask yourself about your gutter system is why and when should you replace the whole system. What are the main reasons that affect your roof draining system too badly that you have to think about reinstalling it again?

Here are the major reasons to consider replacing your gutters: