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About Us

Welcome To Jones Exteriors. This page will tell you a little bit about who we are, what we do and the core values that drive us.

Getting to Know Jones Exteriors

What We Do

Jones Exteriors provides new gutter installation and gutter repairs through our gutter division. We also provide roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure washing services.

Our Values

We believe hard work is nothing to be afraid of. We strive to save men from going on roofs and cleaning gutters, unless they are trained to do so. We are a company that believes in value over price.

We are a company that believes that we should treat every home we service as if it were our grandmothers. 

Shaun Jones

Co-Founder COO

Company Namesake & Fun Loving Dad

Shaun began his career in the home services field while growing up in Vancouver. He learned the trade from his best friend who shares the same name. Together they installed gutters on some of the largest and most expensive homes in Vancouver. After that Shaun found himself on the service side of the business where he learned how to clean windows, roof demoss, and provide outstanding value to his customers.

Outside of work Shaun has 3 children and you will find him cheering on his kids on the sideline of the soccer field or gymnastic mat. He loves to Kayak, fish, and camp mostly in the Port Renfrew area where his family is from.

Shaun’s motto in life is to treat everyone as if they were your grandmother, and is with that attitude that he is able to provide value to his customers.

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Having issue with your gutters? Do not give it a second thought, just give our experts at Jones Exteriors a call and we will recommend the right solution for your home.