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Costs of material, labour and installation of a gutter system

The most common thought that pops up in the mind before buying anything is about how much this the thing costs. The actual cost of the material gives us a fair idea if the inflated price by the service provider are genuine or if they are robbing you. We at Jones Exterior believes in complete transparency, so in this post we will discuss in detail the cost of the material used in a guttering system, and the cost of labour & installation.

The price of installing a new gutter system depends on the material used. A vinyl based gutter system would cost you less than a metal based one.

Material Cost

There are multiple types of gutters available in the market but the most common ones are made up of vinyl, aluminum, steel or copper.

Vinyl gutters are the cheapest as they cost around $4 for a foot. The quality of vinyl may also vary depending on the vendor you are buying from. The best quality vinyl gutter will cost no more than $8 per foot.

aluminum gutters are the most commonly used, long lasting and light weight gutters. One foot of aluminum gutter costs $6 and the price range can vary between $6-$12 per foot.

Steel gutters have a better quality over vinyl and aluminum which is reflected in its price. A foot of steel gutter starts from $11 and can go as high as $30 per foot.

The best quality gutters are made up of copper. Superior quality and extremely durable, they start at $40 per foot and can go as high as $100.

Parts Used

Other parts used includes downspout extensions, splash blocks/drains, flashing and hangers.

Downspout extensions costs between $6-$15 depending on it being a vinyl or an aluminum variant. Steel downspout are $30 and copper downspout costs $90 or more.

Splash blocks/drains are used to drain the water away from the foundation of your building, they help in preventing damages and in draining the water into the sewage system. Each splash block costs between $5-$10.

Flashing protects the roof and sidings from moisture damage, they are fitted to maintain a watertight roof. Installing a foot of flashing costs $10.
Hangers acts as a support and gives extra strength to the gutters, they are very helpful during extreme winds, storms or snowfall. Hangers starts at $2 a piece and goes up.

Labour Costs

We at Jones Exteriors takes pride in being professional and trustworthy when it comes to installation of your gutter systems. Our professional staff is trained for one day installation of any type of gutter system, even the large scale projects don’t take more than three days.

Our experienced contractors takes 10$ to install 1 foot of gutter and downspout. This amount is location dependent. The contractor may or may not charge more depending on the cost of living in your area. Sometimes, the price also depends on the roof pitch, it would cost more for a steeper incline.

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